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TEDxTallaght 2017: The Propagation of Ideas
12 October 2017. Civic Theatre, Tallaght. 

Fiona Brennan
Fiona Brennan is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and founder of Ireland's premier, five-star online program The Positive Habit designed to help people overcome negativity and anxiety. She is a Certified NLP practitioner and mental health blogger based in Dublin. She helps people every day to overcome anxiety, stress, and comfort eating to take control of their minds and to reach their full positive potential. She holds a Higher Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and is a certified NLP practitioner. Her most recent training was in Positive Neuroplasticity with the Neuropsychologist, Rick Hanson.

Fiona frequently appears in the national media on issues of anxiety, emotional eating, and mental health and is fast becoming known as an ambassador of positivity. She writes regularly for the acclaimed mental health website run by Bressie - www.alustforlife.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FionaBrennanThePositiveHabit/
Twitter:  @fionabrennan19

Jennifer Muldowney Jennifer Muldowney is an event planner, author of book ‘Say Farewell Your Way’, and blogger at ‘The Glam Reaper’ and ‘Rainbow Bridge Memorials’ blogs. She is a presenter on the ‘Farewell’ vlog where she provides information about funerals, memorials (both pet and human), life/bucket-list planning and encourages pro-active and creative funeral planning. She is a journalist working with Funeral Times Magazine in Ireland and regularly writes for top international media on the subject of life and death. Her voice has been published worldwide, including the critically acclaimed ‘Before I Die’ book by fellow Ted Speaker Candy Chang. She speaks regularly to both large and small groups internationally on funeral planning. She is also the founder of Farewell Celtic Ashes memorial jewellery.  She believes in living life to the full with no regrets.
Websites: Rainbow Bridge Memorials / Celtic Ashes 
Facebook: Rainbow Bridge Memorials / Farewell Planners
Twitter:  @TheGlamReaper
LinkedIn: Jennifer Muldowney
Blog: The Glam Reaper

John Beckett 

John is CEO and Co-Founder, ChannelSight. He is a technology entrepreneur and investor who made waves as a teenager, when he won the contract to build Ryanair’s ecommerce website. He went on to develop ground-breaking biometrics technology, showcased globally on the Discovery Channel and has since founded and built technology businesses in Europe, the US and Asia. He was named All-Ireland Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2006 before being diagnosed as needing a kidney transplant. John was lucky enough to receive a life-saving kidney from his dad in 2010 and after a speedy recovery discovered new found energy, confidence and passion for entrepreneurship. John is currently focused on running ChannelSight, which helps brands to increase sales and optimise advertising performance, and has raised €5m from institutional investors since 2015. 

John credits success in the face of adversity to his resilience, which developed from the tough lessons that his entrepreneurial career path taught him. John believes that fostering resilience is one of the most important skills people can acquire to help them become and remain successful at whatever it is they are passionate about. John seeks to inspire and encourage others as a mentor and through his blog and social media
Twitter: @johnbeckett
Website: johnbeckett.com
LinkedIn: John Beckett

Mark Kelly 
Mark Kelly’s podcast What I Know Now introduces listeners to inspirational stories of leadership and personal development. Set up in 2016, guests discuss the good and bad of their journey to now and challenges interviewees to outline what they would tell their 18-year-old self if they could have a coffee with them today. Featuring polar explorers, elite runners, New York Times bestselling authors and motivational speakers it aims to put leadership coaching in easy reach of everyone.

Building on his background in recruitment Kelly believes that finding your path in life needs an openness to learn and the help to get there. He wants to inspire people to achieve their life goals through the stories of those who are further along the road. He is a director of an award-winning recruitment company and has won several international awards on a personal basis, including being chosen from 27,000 entrants as the No 1 Recruiter Award at the 2012 Recruiter Awards.

With an academic background in Business and a Masters in Strategic Management Planning from the Smurfit Business School he regularly hosts meet ups in Ireland and the UK.

In this talk, he will explain how after meeting 5,000 people within recruitment and his podcast guests he has discovered just how powerfully random acts of kindness can impact on happiness, productivity and positive transformations in society. 
Website: www.wikn.co
Twitter: @WIKN_WIKT
Facebook: What I Know Now
Instagram: What I Know Now 

Sean Lynch

OpenLitterMap.com is a web-based Citizen Science game that enables anyone to map, reveal, communicate and resolve litter (e.g. cigarette butts, plastic bottles etc.) anywhere on the globe using any device- just log in! Users can submit geotagged images and tag litter to gain experience points, Level Up and compete in multiple different leaderboards if they choose to go public. In 2010 alone, it is estimated that between 8-20 million tonnes of plastic made its way into the ocean, which is expected to rise to ~70 million tonnes annually by 2025 assuming current trends continue (Jambeck et al. 2015). The most realistic way of counteracting this is by opening up basic geospatial data (co-ordinates, time-stamp and litter data), which OpenLitterMap facilitates by design. All data from OpenLitterMap is mapped in hyper-spatial resolution, geospatially, quantitatively and categorically analysed and free to download by anyone.
Website: Open Litter Map
LinkedIn: Sean Lynch

Michelle Stowe
Michelle Stowe is a restorative practitioner, trainer and consultant. She is passionate about creating well-being and happiness in the workplace; and particularly interested in re-culturing schools and cultivating a restorative paradigm shift that honours community and connection. Michelle also works with schools, communities and organisations that need support in resolving conflict between people. She is particularly interested in supporting others to turn towards and see themselves in one another in times of conflict. Being involved in this work allows her to feel that the life she is living is the same as the life that wants to live in her.
Website: Connect RP
Twitter: @connect_rp  @mstowerp

Shane Breslin

Shane Breslin is a self-employed digital media and communications consultant, helping individuals, businesses and organisations find their voice online and go from surviving to thriving in the digital landscape. He is former Editorial Director of Maximum Media, named in 2017 by the Financial Times as one of Europe's 250 fastest growing companies, and has managed digital communications for leading Irish charities including the Irish Cancer Society and Age Action. He lives in rural County Meath with his wife Lorraine, children Cara and Shay - and Mrs D, the maddest and most maddening of Irish terriers.
Twitter: @shanebreslin
LinkedIn: Shane Breslin

Conor Heffernan

Conor is a current IRC and Universities Ireland History scholar at University College Dublin. Currently researching the role of exercise in Irish men and women’s lives from 1890 to 1939, Conor is deeply interested in the meanings attached to physical fitness by individuals and states alike. Outside the University, Conor runs physicalculturestudy.com, a history of fitness website, which has worked on collaborative projects with several different groups in the hope of raising people’s understandings of health and fitness. One of the most popular is a history of the treadmill animation with the education body, Ted-Ed.
Website:  www.physicalculturestudy.com
Twitter:  @PhysCstudy

Edel Browne
Edel Browne (centre) is the co-founder of Free Feet Medical, a start-up developing technology to help people with Parkinson’s Disease overcome ‘gait freeze’ by shining a light in front of the foot. In 2013, Edel’s Free Feet prototype won her the Best Individual Award at the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition. She is the Entrepreneur in Residence at Blackstone Launchpaid in NUI Galway, a campus-based programme to get students thinking about translating new ideas. Edel was the Top Outstanding Young Person of the Year for 2016 by JCI Galway and Free Feet won first prize at the NUI Galway Student Enterprise Awards.
Twitter: @freefeetmedical

Emer Halpenny

Emer set up her drama school in Stillorgan in 1990, two years after giving a child up for adoption, and setting in motion changes in her life that would still affect her thirty years later. The ethos and drive of the school is to help young people realise their potential, build confidence and become resilient in the face of everyday challenges. She also runs the drama programme in Loreto College Foxrock. A writer, director and more recently, co-director of Irish natural skincare company ANU, Emer continues to try to instil confidence in people of all ages and walks of life. She featured in TV3’s ‘Adoption Stories’ last year and explores the divergence of the roads in her life in her blog b-earthmother.com
Website: B-earth Mother
Twitter: @Bearthmom
Facebook: B.earthmom